2022 – 2023 Donors

2022 - 2023 Donors

$20,000 + Hyperion

Jake and Kathleen, The Millspaugh Family Foundation
Amanda and Bart Stephens

$15,000 + Helios

Bernadette Gomez and Shahnam Davani
Shannon and Rajeev Ghia
Kerry and Chris Hecht

$10,000 + Stratosphere

Joshua and Jacqueline Endler
Kate and Brian Healy
Angela and Clark Jorgensen
Karalyn and Marc Smith
Christy and Hans Swildens
Emily and Ritch Viola
Kenny and Erin Werner

$7,500 + Icarus

Dawson and Tida Beattie
Beth and Greg Dinowitz
Romney Resney and David Sandrich
Jeremy and Jennifer Sicklick
Ellen and Steve Taylor
Katherine and Stephen Van Dusen

$5,000 + Millenium

Brian and Winnie Anderluh
Shannan and Steve Bishop
Stacy and Rick Byrne
Centeno Family
Roger and Melissa Dickerson
Hedieh and Luis Doffo (Alumni 1991)
Jessica and Mark Edelen
Greg and Linda Feehan
Erin and Eric Fish
Josh and Kara Fisher
Reade and Jennifer Frank
Bridget Dolan and Peter Giordano
Mark Goldstein
Connie and Alex Gove
Megan and Tom Harvey (Alumni 1991)
Lucas and Margi Heldfond
Mark and Jennifer Holmstrom
Julie and Kurt Houtkooper
Rob and Peggy Howard
Michael and Molly Kaplan
Mike and Jenny Kelly
Jodi and Carl Krawitt
Aimee Lapic
Robert and Naomi Leonard
The Marrocco Family
Dan and Dana Marotto
Wendy and Andreas Martin (Alumni 1994)
Brian and Tera Matthews
William and Tricia Meyer
Sheila and Rob Middleton
Pasha Family
Caroline and Andrew Roth
Anna Rochester and Brian Shoichet
Matthew and Corey Stodolnic
Richard Thalheimer and Christina Simonelli
Scott and Jennifer Sims
Jennifer Swett & Family
Rick and Katie Vasicek
Ashley and Tim Wood
Claire and Jason Zintak

$3,000 + Titan

Juan and Megan Acevedo
Christy and Rob Acker
Mark Goodrich and Heather Ainsworth
Mark and Susan Anderson
Dolly and Andrew Behrens
Bill and Tina Borden
Anne and Robert Brooks
Bernice and Robert Brown
Dawn Valler and Peter Byck
The Caspersen Family
Carolyn Calfee and Gerard Choucroun
Courtney and Terry Daly
Andrew & Jessica Donehower
Jeremy and Natasha Drucker
Enlowsmith Family
Victoria Camelio and Michael Fisch
The Fredericks Family
Jennifer and Michael Ginsburg (Alumni 1989)
Monica Sembler and Peter Goldstein
Beth and Daniel Gumm
Gary and Melissa Harms
Dina and Stephen Harrison
Cynthia and Peter Haubold
Shyla and Doug Hendrickson
Sarah Hart and Judson Holt
Jun Miao and Min Huang
Andrew and Jing Jin Jacobson
The Janowsky Family
Cynthia Nyquist and Ray Johnson
Jennifer Kelly
Stacey Schoenstadt Kempler and Noah Kempler
Hamilton and Jennifer Kipp
Linda and Tom Knauer
Denise and David Knopping
Linda and Jon Lake
Lionetti-Ince Family
Babak Kharrazi and Louise Lo
Jane and Jonathan Maier
Nancy and Harold Mann
Miriam and Drew Manning
Carrie and Kevin McPeek
Elizabeth and Dan Mendoza
Sara and Greg Milani
Christine and Scott Miller
The Mock Family
Courtney and Jon-Paul Momsen
Peter and Amanda Mortimer
Chuck Muller
Sheri and Ryan Neuman, Bridgewater CPAs
Kirsten Smith and Tommy Numainville
Tracy and Rodric O’Connor
The O’Shea Family
John and Ellen Parsons
Scott and Ali Parsons
Tim and Delia Peterson (Alumni)
Vanessa and Shannon Phillips
Ken and Alison Pickart
Peter and Dyan Pike (Alumni 1961)
Kathleen and Erik Ralston
Lisa and CJ Rendic
Allison and Jason Rothbart
Sandra and Caesar Ruegg
The Runyan Family
Tim and Melissa Ryan (Alumni 1986)
Douglas and Suzanne Sands
Patrick and Daniela Schablitzki
Jack and Leigh Schuberth
Jenny and Doug Schwartz
Doug and Becky Scott
Jennifer and Don Shaver
Kim and Rick Sichel
The Sher/Silverio Family
Amy Bloodgood and Ben Soccorsy
Daniel and Teresa Solomon
Vicki and Whitney Strotz
Bill and Marci Sumski
Julie and Chuck Templeton
Kimberly Tully-Sutton (Alumni 1988)
Jennifer Lagaly and Kevin Vasquez
Leela and Jens Voges
Karol Towns and Ronald Wagner
Kimberly and Michael Wagner
Wallace Family
Xiaoyun Wang
Denise Pepp and Jon Wank
The Weasler Family
Christina and Greg Werner
Jeff Wilcox
Neil and Mandy Willian
Kirk and Melanie Wollenweber
Lisa and Brad Zampa
Jeff and Connie Zlot

$2,000 + Enrichment

Anonymous (4)
Michael and Kelly Alpert
Amy and Cameron Anderson
Karan Aujla
Sara and Steve Barker
Doug and Wendy Barta
Joe and Laura Belluomini
Ron Strauss and Kate Bergbauer
Stacey and Danny Bernardini
Loren Block
Dan and Hongjun Breiner
Lisa and Michael Bridges
Maureen McDonell and Rob Britt
Brian and Louise Brown (Alumni 1983)
Kate and Mark Castonguay
Colleen and Jeffrey Chien
Gregory and Karmela Cleary
Steve and Andrea Dell’Orto
Brad and Stacy Denney
Anne and David Feinberg
David and Melissa Ferst
Tolan and Tyler Florence
Matt Gillam
Jamie and Jordan Gersch
Dean and Ysaira Givas
The Geloso Family
Brian and Christine Goldstein
John and Kathleen Goodhart
The Greco Family
Jennifer Greene
The Griffin Family

Renee Marcelle and Bikash Gurung Family
The Gurvich Family
Cory and Stephanie Harrison
Gail and Jason Hartka
The Headington Family
Margaret and Brandon Hemley
Josh and Katie Henderson
Holly Strausbaugh and Greg Hjelmstad
Clay and Lauren Hollingsworth
Jun Miao and Min Huang
Jeffrey and Dana Hyman
Ken and Charlene Ip
The Jacobs Family
Jess Heim and Matt Jacobs
Jill and Tom Jackson
The Lawson Jensen Family
Steve and Jami Katz
Laurie and Brendan Kelly
Tanya and Chris Kemos (Alumni 1990)
Christopher Hinnant and Karen Kimmey
The Kathiriya and King Family
Kate and Kurt Klimenko
David and Tricia Lacy
Pei Chin Chiang and Sze Lim
Johnny and Jeannie Lin
Elizabeth and Tucker Maclean
Mann Family
Sarah and Hank Mansbach
The Markovich Family
Larissa Graff and Micheal Marrero
Stacey and Scott Marshall
Ella Krainsky and Ali Massoumi (Alumni 1992)
John and Nina Mayerhofer
Kathy McConnell
McGrath Family
Tara Millspaugh
Natalie and Bob Monetta
Beth and Brian Monty
Bob and Allison Morgan
Michelle Walker and Crista Morrow
Catherine Meulemans
Malia and Jonny Moseley
Dirk and Sarah Mueller
Thomas Nofziger
Alexandra and Phillip Norris
Brittany and Peter Olsen
Caitlin Pike and Greg Nelson (Alumni 1993)
Annalyn and Ron Peluso
Cindy Patrizi
Susan and Tom Peitz
Troy and Kim Pewitt (Alumni 1993)
Jen and Dan Reidy
Sophie and Olivier Ricordel
Ellena Ochoa and Ted Ridgway
Jed and Ginny Ritchey
Kristin Rivera
The Rogers Family
Sebastian and Amy Rouas
Chris and Joanne Sanders
Brian and Sandy Saputo
Martin and Yanfen Schulter
Holly Ames and Ben Sellers
The Seton Family
Sharon and Ehud Shamir
Taji Zaminasli & Nicholas Shenkin
Annie and Peter Sherman
Jay and Leah Sofnas (Alumni 1987)
Al and Julie Stoll
Christine and Jonas Svallin
Nancy and Sean Svendsen
Laura and Andrew Tang
Kristin and John Tavernetti
Timpson Family
Lindsay and Josh Tonderys
Brian and Suzanne Towns
Victoria and Brett Tucker
Gabriel and Susan Underwood
Doug Grow and Rachel Verby (Alumni 1984)
Philippe Violette
Kimberly Kraemer and Marc Watrous
Elizabeth and Richard Weingart
Betsy Bennett and Oliver Weir
Wilson Family
Monique and Aaron Wright
Jianju Liu and Ivy Wu
Josh and Kate Wyss
Patricia and David Young
Kelly Fang and Ben Yu
Erik and Missy Zech

$1,000+ Foundation

Anonymous (15)
Chris and Abbi Adams
Sheila and Richard Addis
Catherine and Lawrence Alioto
Josh and Marci Alley
Babb Family
Jason and Amanda Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Adam Baumgarten
Mary and Christopher Bender
Jessica O’Dwyer and Tim Berger
Morgan and Ashley Berman
Laure and Andy Blauvelt
Heather and Brad Bludau
Elizabeth Brekhus
Kacy and Greg Brod
Scott Brown
Ruth Krueger and Kevin Buckholtz
Kristi and Chad Burlingame
Andrea and Scot Candell
Ingrid and Robert Carbone
Tom and Saundra Ciemins
Ann and Jose Chang
Jason and Ann Cheu
The Clifford Family
Randy and Shannon Collins
Christopher Curtiss
Simone and JJ Davis
Joel and Jolie DeVilbiss
Amanda and Nate Dickerman
Caroline and Warren Dowd
Christopher Smith and Joanna Drake
The Dubow Family
Brian and Jennifer Engstrom
Matt and Sara Esslinger
Chris and Susannah Ewing
Sid and Stacy Ewing
Michele and Brian Farnsworth
Ebner and Favacho Family
Karen Kuwatani and Greg Finch
Tallie and Tom Fishburne
The Flores Family
Curtis and Pamela Fong
Erica and Greg Fortescue
Kathy Fork
Tyler and Hilary Foster
Dave Gallegioni
Brett and Kristy Geithman
Kelly and Jonas Gerber
GJ Family Trust
Rachel and Larry Gould
Elsie and Alan Gregson
Rachel Stone and Alan Hakimi
Jen and Dennis Harrison
Art and Heather Hebert
Randy and Tom Herbst
Jennifer and Mark Hewlette
Mehdi Hosseini
Matt and Megan Howard (Alumni 1989)
Amira Iskander
Rita Emami and David Kennon
Natalie and Matt Ledesma
Jodi and Guy Ladetzky
Lance and Jennifer Lanciault
Scott and Nancy Larson
Bill and Kristin Lawrence
Monica Leifer
Ellen and Gavin Leung
Wendy and Marc Levine
Pauline Lui
The Malek-Madani Family
Greg and Missy Marron
Thomas and Tiffany Masterson
Anne and Dan McCadden
Ruth McDaniels
Lara and Mike McDermott
James Mitchell
Steve and Mattie Morgan
Greg and Missy Marron
Adrienne and John Murphy
Rupal Shah and Ross Murray
Camelia Negrea
Heather Niemi
Thomas Nofziger
Leah O’Connell
Cecily and Jim O’Connor (Alumni 1992)
Ray Johnson and Lori Ocheltree
Simone Porto and Chad OKray
Mike & Gwen Oldham
The Parrish Family
Candice and Mark Peters
Peterson Family
Michelle and Joe Pipitone
Elisabetta and Guido Quaroni
Colin and Tara Rand
James & Mona Helen Renney
Annie and David Riedel
Mathew and Rhian Robinson
Matt and Paige Rodgers
Joe and Kim Root
The Rosgen Family
Liliana and Ken Royal (Alumni 1986)
Mark and Joanne Ryan
Sara and Ron Ryba
Wendy Saccuzzo
Sari Laurila and Ricardo Sardans
Naryratha and Roland Schluessel
Elise and Mark Semonian
Beth and Zach Sherry
Jena Shore
Jennifer Silva
Peter and Lucia Sinatra
Susan and Bob Skinner
Estella and Timothy Solomon
Susie and Jeff Spurr
Deborah Lightfoot and Andrew Stone
Sean and Nancy Svendsen
Mrs. Bradford Swett (Grandparent)
Michael and Larisa Tempero
The Tuatini Family
Linda Tull
Herbert and Nancy Tully Family Fund (Grandparents)
Racheal Turner
Andrey and Juliya Vinogradsky
The Von Pervieux Family
Nina and Maarten Vraanes
Caroline Wabl
Patrick Wabl
Sean and Kate Wilkinson
The Wisner Family
Catherine and Kenton Wolfers
Sarah and Todd Youngs

$500+ Contributor

Anonymous (8)
Maricor Abao
Niran and Daniel Amir
The Basco Family (Alumni 1989)
Dita and Gary Blackwell
Jim and Megan Calhoun
Tom Catanese
The Chancellor Family
Ed Conti
Timothy and Tina Davis
Sonya and Greg Deforrest
Katie and Brady Delsol
The Dionne Family
Meghan and William Forman
Paul Gehrman and Norah Frei
The Frender Family (Alumni 1990)
The Gennarelli Family
Anne Marie and Saeed Ghazi
Ralph and Beth Gonzales
The Gouloomian Family
Jennifer and Robert Hamill
Jennifer and Chris Hartung (Alumni 1987)
Schattenberg Johnston Family
Marta and Jeff Kaltreider
Nayil Kavak
Cristina and Jeff Klompus
Catherine Kuehne
Kelly Lawson
Kate and Andrew Lesher
Andrew and Kimberly Letts
Zack and Susan Macdonald
Zach Maurus
Mr. and Mrs. James McClellan
David and Katie McGee
The McKenna Family
Kip and Diana Mihara
Mary Kay Mitchell

Steve and Julia Mori-Prange
Cindy and Craig Morris
Emily Mui
Lynn Murphy
Summer Medina and Adrian Nacamuli
Jonathan Skolnick and Kathleen O’Loughlin
Ornellas Family
Leilah Gilligan and Josh Paul
The Pitts Family
The Reynolds family
Charles Sakai and Diane Rittenhouse
John and Sue Rogers
Phil Corrin and Betsy Rubel
Doug and Julie Ryan
Stephanie Seiler
Sydney Shaw
Catherine and Michael Soper
The Suter Family
Walravens Family
Harmmonie And Dave Wexler
Marcus and Tessa White
April Wiley
Cody and Franka Winchester

up to $499 Supporter

Anonymous (22)
Angie Ault
Cathleen Acheritogaray
Cynthia Bahmani Pilates
Kris Ball
Graham Banks
The Berger – Rnjak Family
Dagmara Bobieni
Dennis and Barbara Brandt
Kirsty and Hugo Byron
Sarah Callahan
Peter and Amy Charles
Heather Chartrand
Ange and Nenad Cicin-Sain
Laura Cisi
Kathia Colon
Sheldon and Janet Crandall
The De Leon Family
Liz and Pat Delaney
Sandra Derango
LJ Diene
Leslie Donaldson
Rebecca Douglass
Vikram Dutt
Catherine Eddy
Naomi Elvove
Kristine Erving
Steve Escamilla
Michele and Paul Fuegner
Teri and Brad Garsten
Jane Osterman and Josh Goldberg
Kurt and Kimberly Hawks
Steven and Kathryn Hendricks
The Howard Family
Helene and Stephen Jaffe
The Jensen Family
Peter and Leah Karp
Melineh and Jeff Katz
Cynthia and John Kenneally
Laurie and Louis Kimball
Richard Cherry LaBourene (Alumni 2022)
Will and Beth Law
The Lensing Family
Petra Lindquist
Cilla Jelf and Mikael Lirbank
Laura Llerena
John and Ellen Lynch
Kia and David Macpherson
Brad Marsh
Krista Martin
Charlotte Jourdain and Christian Martinez
Grier and Tom Mathews
Kerianne and Christopher McBride
Kirsty Scott and Adrian McKemey
Rachel and Ryan McKim
Ginna Milan
Brian and Jamie Moffett
Julie A. Nacco
The Neville Buske Family
Andrea O’Dell
Kim Oliver
Jana Penfield
Andrew Perry
Michael Petraitis (Alumni)
Carol Anne Ponzio (Alumni 1964)
Jade Prospero
Jorge Rivera
Marilee Rogers (Alumni 1961)
Marek Ryniejski
Anjali and Rajiv Sawhney
Karen Bond and Doug Scruton
Jim and Jen Seraphine
Annika and Matt Shawn
Andy Specht
Marina and Jonathan Thompson
Deborah Tirschwell
Bryan Tracy (Alumni 1973)
Bethany and Greg Tully
David Walters
Guoyuan Li and Hong Wang
Jena and Eric Watson
Peachie and Marius Winger
Sarah Yoslov

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1919 Investment Counsel
Adobe, Inc.
Adelante Capital Management LLC
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Baird Foundation, Inc.
Bank of America Corporation
Bayer Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of CA
BNY Mellon
The Capital Group
Charles Schwab
The Clorox Company
Dodge & Cox
Farella Braun + Martel LLP
The Gap
Genentech, Inc.
Goldman Sachs
Hewlitt Packard, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson Foundation
Levis Strauss & Co.
Pacific Foundation Services
Paragon Legal Service
Parthenon Capital Foundation
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Susquehanna International Group, LLP
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United Way
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