RHSF by the Numbers


Raised in
2022 / 2023


Revenues From
Family Giving


Grants Funded
2022 / 2023



Programs supported through RHSF’s Grant Allocation Process

Funds Distribution RHS Foundation

Income Source

Thanks to the generosity of our families, Community partners, and other community members, we were able to exceed our 2022-23 goal of $1.2M! RHSF’s largest source of income continues to come from our current families, with family giving and employer match accounting for 90+% of funds received.

Income Source Diagram
Outgoing Funds Diagram

Outgoing Funds

As a non-profit foundation, RHSF strives to keep its fundraising and operation costs to a minimum. Last year, 90+% of our revenue was allocated to support grants and events/awards that directly impacted EVERY STUDENT at Redwood.