Your Gifts in Action

How Your Donation Makes a Difference at Every Level


  • Set of new professional cameras for the Bark Advanced Journalism course
  • Annual stipends for the Wellness Center interns


  • After-school Library Aide’s compensation for the school year
  • Applied Technology’s materials and supplies annual budget


  • Annual lab supply budget for Living Earth classrooms
  • Year-long acting workshops for all Drama students


  • Athletic Trainer to ensure the health and safety of ALL athletes
  • Staff professional development for the English department


  • Classroom set of graphing calculators for the Math department
  • Music department’s annual budget for instrument repair


  • Dissection specimens for the Physiology course
  • Dell Precision laptop for the Computer Science lab


  • ELD class field trip to the Exploratorium
  • Geometry toolkits for ALL Geometry students


  • Sandblaster for the Engineering Workshop
  • Vertical jump tester for PE


  • Track tournament entrance fee
  • Hydraulic lift table for Ceramics


  • Magnetic molecular water kit for Chemistry
  • Online newspaper subscriptions for Advanced Journalism


  • Paint supplies for the Art department
  • Resistance bands for the PE fitness room