Allocations Process

Grant Allocations Committee

The RHSF grant application process is simple and direct: during our two allocation cycles in the fall and spring, teachers, administrators, staff and students are invited to make grant requests when they’ve identified an unmet program need. The applications are first reviewed by the RHSF executive team and administration for feasibility and whether other sources of funding may be available. The qualified applicants then present their requests to the Allocations committee, a volunteer panel of administrators, teachers, students and parents. Each grant application is reviewed on its own individual merit and the committee votes on whether to partially or completely fund each grant. The Allocations co-chairs then present the committee’s recommendations to the Executive Board for approval.  Approved funds are immediately disbursed to the school and are managed by Redwood’s budget secretary to ensure appropriate allocation of funds.  Grants encompass a wide range of needs across all departments including classroom innovation, academic support, facility improvements, technology, supplies and equipment as well as annual program funding for the Wellness Center, the Bark, Music, Drama, Athletics, Science, Applied Technology, Visual Arts and the Library.

Athletic Benchwarmers Committee

Through an annual grant to the RHS Athletics Department that accounts for approximately 40% of the total Athletics budget, the Foundation plays a vital role in supporting our student-athletes and enhancing the experience for ALL of our Freshman, JV, and Varsity Redwood sports teams. Working in partnership with the RHS Athletic Director, the Athletic Benchwarmers Committee, a dedicated group of parent volunteers, reviews requests from coaches and makes funding recommendations to ensure our student-athletes have the resources they need to succeed, including uniforms, equipment, tournament fees, and training support. 

Scholarship Committee

The RHSF Scholarship Committee, composed of parent volunteers, teachers, counselors, administrators and community members, awards multiple need-based scholarships to graduating Redwood seniors who have demonstrated remarkable character and determination as well as academic achievement. The scholarship application process is open to Redwood Seniors each spring. Scholarship funds are made possible thanks to the generous support of parents, alumni, faculty and friends through contributions made to the Redwood High School Foundation as well as several family-directed scholarships.  All scholarships are used for tuition or school expenses at an accredited community college, trade school, 4-year college, or university.