2023 - 2024 Donors

$20,000 +

Forest Circle Donors

Roger and Melissa Dickerson
Mark and Kristen Goldstein

Jake and Kathleen Millspaugh
Amanda and Bart Stephens

$10,000 +

Forest Circle Donors

Bernadette Gomez and Shahnam Davani
Shannon and Rajeev Ghia
Dino J. Chilotti Foundation

Bridget Dolan and Peter Giordano

Kate and Brian Healy
Hecht Family
Jennifer and Reade Frank
Angela and Clark Jorgensen
The Muller Family
Pasha Family
Jeremy and Jennifer Sicklick
Karalyn and Marc Smith
The Van Dusen Family
Ritch and Emily Viola
Kenny and Erin Werner

$5,000 +

Forest Circle Donors

Brian and Winnie Anderluh
Shannan and Steve Bishop
Ben Soccorsy and Amy Bloodgood
Stacy and Rick Byrne
Sarah and Joe Centeno
Doris Chang and Nicholas Crew
Beth and Greg Dinowitz
Hedieh and Luis Doffo
Josh and Jackie Endler
Josh and Kara Fisher
Tyler and Hilary Foster
Jamie and Jordan Gersch
Connie and Alex Gove
Debra and Kevin Hakman
Haswell Charitable Fund
Shyla and Doug Hendrickson
Mark and Jennifer Holmstrom
Julie and Kurt Houtkooper
Rob and Peggy Howard
Mike and Jenny Kelly
Jodi and Carl Krawitt
Aimee Lapic
Robert and Naomi Leonard
Dan and Dana Marotto
Wendy and Andreas Martin
William and Tricia Meyer
Sheila and Rob Middleton
Brian and Shari Mueller
Kathleen and Jayson Noland
Ed and Yvonne Parish Foundation (grandparent)
Justin and Elizabeth Post
Kathleen and Erik Ralston
The Resney Sandrich Family
Jill Seman
Anna Rochester and Brian Shoichet
Scott and Jennifer Sims
Diane and Rory Springfield
The Family of Alan Hakimi and Rachel Stone
Jenny Swett and Family
Swildens Family
Ellen and Steve Taylor
Rick and Katie Vasicek

$3,000 +

Forest Circle Donors

Anonymous (3)
Juan and Megan Acevedo
Mark and Susan Anderson
Gagandeep and Karan Aujla
Lorin and Jeremy Bentley
Ron Strauss and Kate Bergbauer
Kevin and Nicole Bianchi
Loren Block (in memory of Howard Block)
Bill and Tina Borden
Carlson Family
The Caspersen Family
Greg and Karmela Cleary
Brian and Tina Davis
Defesche Family
Andrew and Jessica Donehower
Christopher Smith and Joanna Drake
Jeremy and Natasha Drucker
Tiffany and Murray Dunn
Jessica and Mark Edelen
David and Melissa Ferst
Jon Kawamura and Liz Foley
The Fredericks Family
Ghalam Family
Molly and Andrew Giang
Dean and Ysa Givas
Monica Sembler and Peter Goldstein
Dean and Sandra Griffin
The Gross Family

Beth and Tyler Grossman
Jenn and Geoff Hamm
Gary and Melissa Harms
Megan and Tom Harvey
Headington Family
Clay and Lauren Hollingsworth

Sarah Hart and Judson Holt
Stacey Schoenstadt Kempler and Noah Kempler
Kate and Kurt Klimenko
Linda and Tom Knauer
Jennifer Kelly and Ryan Tyz
Linda and Jon Lake
Jensen and Lawson Family
David and Shelly Levin
Lionetti-Ince Family
Jane and Jonathan Maier
Mann Family
Danny and Sarah McNamara
Peter and Amanda Mortimer
Rob Morton
Malia and Jonny Moseley
Mimi and Robin O’Connell
Tracy and Rodric O’Connor
Parish Family
Peterson Family
Peter and Dyan Pike (Grandparent)
Bill and Jenny Reilly
Heather Robertson
Rogers Family
Allison and Jason Rothbart
Caesar R. and Sandra Ruegg
Jon and Kim Runyan
Amy Kaufman and Hector Saldivar
Patrick and Daniela Schablitzki
The Schwartz Family
Schulter Family
Doug and Becky Scott
Peter and Suzannah Scully
Annie and Peter Sherman
Kim and Rick Sichel
Bill and Marci Sumski
Laura and Andrew Tang
Jennifer Lagaly and Kevin Vasquez
Sarah and Luke Voiles
Michael and Kimberly Wagner
The Weasler Family
Liat and Tim Weingarten
Betsy Bennett and Oliver Weir
Neil and Mandy Willian
Trevor and Michelle Wilson
Stephen Winiarski
Kirk and Melanie Wollenweber
Tim and Ashley Wood 
Jason and Claire Zintak

$2,000 +

Anonymous (7)
Amy Torgeson and Cameron Anderson
Seth and Karianne Atwel
Adam and Betina Baumgarten
The Bridges Family
Maureen McDonell and Rob Britt
Andrea and Scot Candell
Ingrid and Robert Carbone
Kate and Mark Castonguay
Nick and Erin Christensen
Jennifer Cochran
Sonya and Greg Deforrest
Brady and Katie Delsol
Amanda and Nate Dickerman
John and Kathleen Goodhart
Rachel and Larry Gould
The Greco Family
Jody and Matt Gustke
Luciane and Mehdi Hosseini
Jun Miao and Min Huang
Ken and Charlene Ip
Graham and Kristin Jenkin
Brian and Marianne Jett
Chris and Debbie Kaster
Jami and Steve Katz
Brendan and Laurie Kelly
Tanya and Chris Kemos
Christopher Hinnant and Karen Kimmey
The Knopping Family
Marc Watrous and Kim Kraemer
David and Tricia Lacy
Kristina Wollan and Jon Lacey
Scott and Nancy Larson
Natalie and Matt Ledesma
Ivy Wu and Jianju Liu
Pei Chin Chiang and Sze Lim
Pauline and Joe Lui
The Markovich Family
Ella Krainsky and Ali Massoumi
Kathy McConnell
McGrath Family
Elizabeth and Dan Mendoza
Tara Millspaugh
Rupal Shah and Ross Murray
The Myers Family
Nobutoshi and Chinatsu Nakao
Pike Nelson Family
Caisa and Mats Nilsson
Kirsten Smith and Tommy Numainville
Susan and Tom Peitz
Michelle and Joe Pipitone
Neha and Mark Pyle
Kristin Rivera
Kim Ruel Family
Jessie and Bjorn Schroeder
The Seton Family
Orr and Sharon (Anolik) Shakked
Taji Zaminasli and Nicholas Shenkin
Kevin Mohr and Jennifer Somer
Greg Hjelmstad and Holly Strausbaugh
Al and Julie Stoll
Paula Sullivan (grandparent)
Julie and Chuck Templeton
Michael and Bridget Thomas
Timpson Family
Tiscareno Family
Laura Tollen
Lindsay and Josh Tonderys
Brian and Suzanne Towns
Racheal Turner
Gabriel and Susan Underwood
Doug Grow and Rachel Verby
Crista Morrow and Michelle Walker
Wallace Family
The Wigintons

$1,000 +

Anonymous (8)
John Glenn and Kate Aiken
Kate Anderson
Carrie and Eric Ask
Babb Family
Leon Barzman
Dan and Hongjun Breiner
Kacy and Greg Brod
Robert and Anne Brooks
Brian and Louise Brown
Bernice and Robert Brown
Kristi and Chad Burlingame
Jose and Ann Chang
The Clifford Family
Carla Cogan
James and Sarah Connolly
Christopher Curtiss
Sydney Shaw and Lawrence DeMarco
Brad and Stacy Denney
The Dubow Family
William and Meghan Forman
Gregory and Erica Fortescue
Linda and Mike Frender
GEJ Family Trust
Dave and Christina Gallegioni
Brett and Kristy Geithman
Matt and Shawn Gillam
Amy and Eli Goldman
Brian Goldstein
Elsie and Alan Gregson (grandparents)
Dennis and Jennifer Harrison
Cynthia and Peter Haubold
Randy and Tom Herbst
Steve Hermann
Mark and Jennifer Hewlette
Megan and Alan Hirschbein
Luciane and Mehdi Hosseini
The Horn Family
Matt and Megan Howard
Ishiguro Family
Tom and Jill Jackson
Catherine and Sean Kennings
Rita Emami and David Kennon

Lee Family
Kate and Andrew Lesher
Ellen and Gavin Leung
Wendy and Marc Levine
Jessica and Mo Malek
Larissa Graff and Micheal Marrero
Greg and Missy Marron
Mckenna Family 
Rachel and Ryan McKim
Clarke and Katy Miller
Morgan Family
Steve and Mattie Morgan
Steve and Julia Mori-Prange
Camelia Negrea
Jim and Cecily O’Connor
The Oldham Family
Elena Vives and Chris Ornellas
William and Angeline Overend
Marc and Lisa Parilla
Arnaud and Chantal Ponchon
Steve and Julia Mori-Prange
Catherine Meulemans
Tom Nofziger
Simone Porto and Chad OKray
The Parrish Family
Leilah Gilligan and Josh Paul
Pell Family
Tara and Colin Rand
Takizawa/Reisch Family
James and Mona Helen Renney
Sophie and Olivier Ricordel
Mathew and Rhian Robinson
Amanda Ronai
Joe and Kim Root
Lisa and Matt Rosenberg
Joanne and Mark Ryan
Keith Sampson
Christine Schirmer
Jeffrey Schottenstein
James and Jennifer Seraphine
Sharon Shamir
Matt and Annika Shawn
Jena Shore
Susan and Bob Skinner
Jay and Leah Sofnas
Cathy and Mike Soper
The Stoll-Morrill Family
The Tempero Family
Teo Tanaka and Family
The Terry Family
Dawn Sylvester and John Tudor
Andrey Vinogradsky
Von Pervieux Family
Caroline Wabl
Patrick Wabl
Wilson Family
Woodruff-Milner Family
Sarah and Todd Youngs
Lisa and Brad Zampa

$500 +

Anonymous (7)
Maricor Abao
Asare Family
Jonathan and Rachel Aspatore
Amy and Andy Atherton
Sean and Ann Basco
Debbie and Shawn Bennett
Chancey Family
Lucy and Ken Churton
Cloutier Family
Ed Conti
Dagdeviren Family
Chris and Susannah Ewing
Feagin Family
Pamela & Curtis Fong
Paul Gehrman and Norah Frei
Elissa Friedman 
Erika Gebhard
Kelly and Jonas Gerber
Gini Studio
Adrineh and Ara Gouloomian
The Gorczycki Family
Ina and Steve Gotlieb
Jennifer Greene
Jennifer and Chris Hartung
The Horosz Family
Heather and Steve Johnson
Joanna Brook and Christopher Jones
Kirsten and Thomas Judd
King/Kathiriya Family
Kilgore Family
The Koblik Family
Jodi and Guy Ladetzky
Kelly Lawson
Nicole LeClerc
Lensing Family
Danielle and Michael Levi
Jonathan and Peiyi Lupo
Charlotte Jourdain and Christian Martinez
Saara and Jonathan Matthews
Zach Maurus
Mr. and Mrs. James McClellan
David and Katie McGee
Nacamuli-Medina Family
Ruth McDaniels
Geoff Mohr (grantparent)
Cindy and Craig Morris
Sarah and Dirk Mueller
Lynn Murphy
Noyola Family
Lauren and Jason Pitts
The Quaroni Family
Phil Corrin and Betsy Rubel
Schulz Family
Mark and Elise Semonian
The Sharpe Family
Michelle and Evan Singer
Patty & Neil Smithline (grandparents)
Kristina Stein
Cassie and Marshall Stevenson
Auntie YaYa Stone (relative)
Nina and Maarten Vraanes
Marcus and Tessa White
Liliana and Trent Wood

Up to $499

Anonymous (26)
Kevin Allan
Niran and Daniel Amir
Cassandra Anderson 
The Barker Family
Gail Barnett (grandparent)
Susan Ellsweig and Gary Barnett (grandparent)
Laura and Joe Belluomini
Laure and Andy Blauvelt
Buck Family (relative)
Neville/Buske Family
Monica Canas
Casita Project, LLC
Marianna Cherry
Laura Cisi
S. Coletta
Timothy and Tina Davis
Alli Decker
Pat and Liz Delaney
Christiane DeLay
Desin Family
Jeff Diener Family
Rana DiOrio
Rebecca Douglass
Jad and Stacie Elkhoury
Steve Escamilla
Mary Francis
Jessica Grimes Frushtick
Michele and Paul Fuegner
Hope Garbo
Carey Gister
Gormley Family
Ross Graham
Dina and Steve Harrison
Hawks Family
Steven and Kathryn Hendricks
The Herzenbergs
Emily and Tim Howard
Laurie and Louis Kimball
Kingman Family
Farronato-Klompus Family
Krantz Family
Daly/Korajkic Family
Kristina Landry
Mena Lazar
LeClaire Family
Amy Luisetti
Monica Manuilow
Marin Academic Support Services
Andy Markham
Krista Martin
Mike and Melissa McDonald
Merrill Law Group
The Mittelman Family
Moffett Family
The Oberbauer Family
Chuck and Sheri Parsons (grandparenta)
Hill Pashalides
Derek Pearcy
Candice and Mark Peters
Michael Petraitis
Troy and Kim Pewitt
Shannon and Vanessa Phillips
Olivier Poissonnier
Carlos Pool
Jade Prospero
Christina Ramos
Susan Lawson Rios (relative)
C Roberts
Laura Cox and Dan Rogoff
Caroline Roth
Sara and Ron Ryba
The Shern Family
Serena and John Stark
Elisia Solomon
Jennifer Sorem
Kathia Colon and Giancarlo Sotil
Nana Stone (grandparent)
The Strotz Family
Alex and Katie Suter
Hilary Colwell and David Thomas
Zac Torry
The Trainor Family
Christi Burdick-Travis
Tribolet family
Aimie Vargas
Walkeryee Family
Walravens Family
Eric and Jena Watson
Neil and Mandy Willian
Sam and Georgie Wilkins
Megan and Chad Williams
Andrea Whitney
Sarah Yoslov

to these current families who support the Foundation as Community Partners:

Jennifer Ames – Engel & Völkers
Laura Belluomini – Marin Home Care
Dipa Cappelen DMD
Jennifer Corteville – Yellow House Interior Design
Jad Elkhoury DDS MS
Hilary Foster – Engel & Völkers
Michelle Gonzalez Orthodontics
Carla Herzenberg – Metta Yoga
Daniela Kratz – Farmhouse Lab
David McMorran- Blue Anchor Building Company
Adrienne Murphy – Murphy & Hjorth Team,
  Compass Real Estate
Bruce Reed – Compass Education Group

to these companies that have matched donations:

Adobe Inc.
Bank of America
Blue Cross Blue Shield of CA
BNY Mellon
Capital Group
Dodge & Cox
The Gap
Genentech, Inc.
Paragon Legal Service
Salesforce.com Inc.