2023 - 2024 Donors

$20,000 +

Forest Circle Donors

Jake and Kathleen Millspaugh
Amanda and Bart Stephens

$10,000 +

Forest Circle Donors

Roger and Melissa Dickerson
Kate and Brian Healy
Jeremy and Jennifer Sicklick
Karalyn and Marc Smith
Ritch and Emily Viola
Kenny and Erin Werner

$5,000 +

Forest Circle Donors

Josh and Jackie Endler
Jodi and Carl Krawitt
Aimee Lapic
Robert and Naomi Leonard
Dan and Dana Marotto
Brian and Shari Mueller
Scott and Jennifer Sims
Jenny Swett and Family
Swildens Family
Ellen and Steve Taylor
Rick and Katie Vasicek

$3,000 +

Forest Circle Donors

Stacy and Rick Byrne
The Caspersen Family
Defesche Family
Tiffany and Murray Dunn
The Fredericks Family
Ghalam Family
Dean and Ysa Givas
Monica Sembler and Peter Goldstein
Gary and Melissa Harms
Megan and Tom Harvey
Linda and Tom Knauer
Jensen and Lawson Family
Jane and Jonathan Maier
Wendy and Andreas Martin
Danny and Sarah McNamara
Rob Morton
Tracy and Rodric O’Connor
Parish Family
Peter and Dyan Pike (Grandparent)
Heather Robertson
Allison and Jason Rothbart
The Schwartz Family
Doug and Becky Scott
Laura and Andrew Tang
Betsy Bennett and Oliver Weir
Trevor and Michelle Wilson
Kirk and Melanie Wollenweber
Stephen Winiarski
Tim and Ashley Wood 
Liliana and Trent Wood

$2,000 +

Ingrid and Robert Carbone
Luciane and Mehdi Hosseini
Jun Miao and Min Huang
Graham and Kristin Jenkin
Jami and Steve Katz
Tanya and Chris Kemos
Marc Watrous and Kim Kraemer
Natalie and Matt Ledesma
Tara Millspaugh
Rupal Shah and Ross Murray
Pike Nelson Family
Susan and Tom Peitz
Kristin Rivera
Kim Ruel Family
Orr and Sharon (Anolik) Shakked
Kevin Mohr and Jennifer Somers
Julie and Chuck Templeton
Laura Tollen
Lindsay and Josh Tonderys
Gabriel and Susan Underwood
Doug Grow and Rachel Verby
Crista Morrow and Michelle Walker
The Wigintons

$1,000 +

Anonymous (3)
John Glenn and Kate Aiken
Carrie and Eric Ask
Bernice and Robert Brown
Kristi and Chad Burlingame
James and Sarah Connolly
Christopher Curtiss
The Dubow Family
Amy and Eli Goldman
Dean and Sandra Griffin
Dennis and Jennifer Harrison
Matt and Megan Howard
Ishiguro Family
Kristina Wollan and Jon Lacey
Ellen and Gavin Leung
Larissa Graff and Micheal Marrero
Rachel and Ryan McKim
Clarke and Katy Miller
Morgan Family
The Parrish Family
Leilah Gilligan and Josh Paul
Pell Family
Tara and Colin Rand
Joe and Kim Root
Christine Schirmer
Jeffrey Schottenstein
Jena Shore
The Stoll-Morrill Family
The Tempero Family
Andrey Vinogradsky
Von Pervieux Family
Woodruff-Milner Family

$500 +

Maricor Abao
Jonathan and Rachel Aspatore
Sean and Ann Basco
Debbie and Shawn Bennett
Ed Conti
Dagdeviren Family
Gini Studio
Adrineh and Ara Gouloomian
Jennifer and Chris Hartung
Charlotte Jourdain and Christian Martinez
Saara and Jonathan Matthews
Zach Maurus
David and Katie McGee
Geoff Mohr
Lynn Murphy
Jim and Cecily O’Connor
Phil Corrin and Betsy Rubel
Schulz Family
Kristina Stein
Marcus and Tessa White

Up to $499

Anonymous (12)
Cassandra Anderson 
Laura and Joe Belluomini
Monica Canas
S. Coletta
Alli Decker
Christiane DeLay
Jeff Diener Family
Jad and Stacie Elkhoury
Mary Francis
Michele and Paul Fuegner
Gormley Family
Hawks Family
Steven and Kathryn Hendricks
Emily and Tim Howard
Kingman Family
Farronato-Klompus Family
Krantz Family
Nicole LeClerc
Amy Luisetti
Marin Academic Support Services
Camelia Negrea
The Oberbauer Family
Hill Pashalides
Derek Pearcy
Candice and Mark Peters
Carlos Pool
C Roberts
Laura Cox and Dan Rogoff
The Sharpe Family
The Shern Family
Hilary Colwell and David Thomas
Zac Torry
Tribolet family
Aimie Vargas
Walkeryee Family
Eric and Jena Watson
Lindsay Wilson

to these companies that have matched donations:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of CA
BNY Mellon

The Gap
Genentech, Inc.

Salesforce.com Inc.