Grant Allocation Request

Factors Under Consideration

Our Foundation’s mission is to advance the quality of education at Redwood High School by providing the Redwood community with tools to inspire and prepare Redwood students for their world beyond high school. The Foundation Academic Allocation Committee reviews grant proposals from Redwood faculty, parents and students in the fall and spring. Grant requests seek support for projects related to academics, student activities, and campus improvements. Previous Foundation grants have included field trips, guest speakers, teacher conferences, equipment and classroom upgrades, funding for clubs, and many other things that have enhanced curriculum across all the departments.

Each grant will be reviewed based on its individual merit.  There are no minimum or maximum dollar limits in the funding of individual grants. All expenditures to be funded must be included in the application budget.  Partial funding of any grant is at the discretion of the panel.  All available funds do not need to be allocated.  Funds available from other sources must have been explored.

Declined Grants

The Foundation Allocation Committee always strives to grant requests when it is able, but on some occasions, a request will have to be delayed or denied.

  • Proposal did not meet the criteria or guidelines for funding.
  • The extent of funding required was too great or would necessitate a future commitment of money.
  • The proposal would not benefit a great enough number of students.
  • The proposal would not benefit the area addressed sufficiently for the amount of money requested.
  • Other grants presented were of greater merit.

Due Date: February 15, 2023 at 8pm

To complete a grant request, please use the Google form link above. Applications must be submitted by the above due date for consideration.