Allocations Committees & Criteria

Summary of Awarded Fall Allocations 2021-2022

There are multiple allocation panels that decide how to allocate the Foundation funds each year. All are made up of parents, teachers, administrators, and students.
  • The Academic Allocations Committee represents the largest amount of money from the Foundation – approximately 50 grants were allocated during the 2020-2021 school year. This panel meets twice per year to review grant applications for all departments at Redwood as well as campus improvements. Grant applicants present to this panel, which then discusses and votes to approve grants which are most deserving in a given calendar year.
  • The Athletic Allocations Committee (Benchwarmers) reviews athletic grant requests and the Scholarship Committee reviews candidates for post-secondary school grants.
Each fall and each spring, applications are sent out to all staff members at Redwood. Parents and students are also eligible to fill out grant applications. The applications are reviewed by Principal David Sondheim for merit and whether other sources of funding may be available. The applicants present to the Academic Allocations Committee. Each grant application is reviewed on its own individual merit and the Committee votes on whether to partially or completely fund each grant. The Academic Allocations Committee volunteers serve for two years.