The Redwood High School Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the quality of education at Redwood High School by providing tools to inspire and prepare students for their world in and beyond high school.

RHSF aspires to fill the gap that exists between the amount of state and local funding and the funds needed to provide enrichment and an excellent education. More than 80% of RHS’ state/local funding goes to teacher and administrative salaries, leaving little for the programs and tools that make the Redwood experience so outstanding. The money raised by RHSF is unrestricted cash. This means, that your RHSF Annual Giving Donation goes directly to work from dollars donated to having an impact in classrooms, supporting the arts, or on the playing field.

We encourage you to donate to the Redwood High School Foundation. Foundation funds are simply critical to providing exceptional academic, arts, and athletic opportunities for all Redwood students. Your contributions help Redwood go beyond what the school district provides, making RHS not just a great public high school but an extraordinary one.

Three major areas funded are Academics, Arts and Athletics. Please click here to view our most recent list of awarded grant allocations. The remainder goes to operating costs, Scholarships support for underserved students, as well as alumni programs: RHS Hall of Fame, RHS Athletic Hall of Fame and the Alumni speaker series, which brings distinguished alumni back to campus to speak to students, etc. The Foundation provides funding for parcel tax campaign ballot measures when aligned with improving student outcomes in our district.

There are multiple allocation panels that decide how to allocate the Foundation funds each year. All are made up of parents, teachers, administrators, and students. The Academic Allocations Committee represents the largest amount of money. This panel meets twice per year to review grant applications for all departments at Redwood as well as campus improvements. Grant applicants present to this panel, which then discusses and votes to approve grants which to those applicants whom the panel believes are most deserving in a given calendar year. Similarly, the Athletic Allocations Committee (Benchwarmers) reviews athletic grant requests and the Scholarship Committee reviews candidates for post-secondary school grants.

Made up of administrators, teachers, students (one from each grade level) and parents, this all-volunteer panel grants money to Academics, Arts, Technology and Student Programs. Each fall and spring, applications are sent to all staff members at Redwood. Parents and students are also eligible to fill out grant applications. The applications are reviewed by administration for merit and whether other sources of funding may be available. The applicants then present their requests to the Academic Allocations Committee. Each grant application is reviewed on its own individual merit and the Committee votes on whether to partially or completely fund each grant. The Academic Allocations Committee volunteers serve for two years.

Benchwarmers is the Athletic Allocations Committee for the Redwood High School Foundation. Benchwarmers support athletics in areas that are either not funded or underfunded—such as transportation, tournament fees, and Redwood’s certified athletic trainer.

We love to partner with local businesses! It’s a win-win for your business and our students!
 To learn more about the benefits of being a Community Partner, for more information, please visit our Community Partners page or email communitypartners@redwoodhsfoundation.org

While we work closely together to support Redwood students, the Foundation is the fundraising arm for Redwood and the PTSA is the volunteer corps.

We always welcome help! There are big and small volunteer opportunities—helping with events, serving on the Board, etc. Contact us at info@redwoodhsfoundation.org for further details. Board meetings are open for parents to attend!